The pandemic has released its grip on Swedish industry. Investments in electrification, community building and infrastructure have gained momentum. New technologies and raised demand when the world is opening up again has increased the need for engineers. 

The rapid development in electrification and automation of passenger cars and heavy vehicles means that the industry is now screaming for competence. A survey from 2020 among Teknikföretagen’s members shows that 72 percent of the companies in the automotive industry had made attempts to recruit in the past six months, but only 4.5 percent succeeded.

At the same time as major investments are being made in the automotive industry, competition for engineers is intensifying as digitalization also drives other industries.

The serious consequence of not having the right competences– it slows down the development.
Carabiner meets this increase in demand, by recruiting new skilled team members. We are attracting new engineers by our joint passion for technology and innovation, our entrepreneurial spirit and always having fun at work!

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