The technology transformation within the automotive industry is immense. Some experts even say that until 2030, the world of mobility will have seen the greatest transformation change since the car replaced the horse at the beginning of the 20th century. Today we are experiencing the transition from the combustion engine to e-mobility – an important step towards a cleaner planet. The next much more radical change is the transition towards safer, smarter and finally autonomous cars.

As the car is becoming more complex, more sophisticated and an internet device, the logic of the smartphone industry is often applied. Many big technology companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and others collaborate with automotive OEMs for the next generation autonomous technology.

Technology, speed and scale will matter more than today. Customers logging into reliable digital eco-systems to get new functions by the day will be the new rule of the game.

This shift requires new skillsets, such as greater creativity and innovation, better communication and more interdisciplinary specialists. It also requires safe processes that can build up the trust for the new technologies.