“I am very excited about the things I am working on today. It gives me a possibility to shape the future. ”
The fast technology transformation within electromobility, functional safety and autonomous vehicles makes my everyday work an important piece that contributes to a better world and will effect peoples everyday life to the better.

What is your passion?
It is the challenges in my field that attracts me the most, being part of engineering. A way to push boundaries, if there are no difficulties, there is no progress. As in bodybuilding sports ‘no pain no gain’.

Short about your background.
My past work has been in the development, testing and integration of functional safety software in hybrid and electric vehicles, as well as requirement analysis matching customer requests.

Why were you curious about Carabiner?
When I first met Carabiner, I thought it was just a normal engineering company, but as I continued the discussions I was very impressed about how the team helped each other and the company’s perspective on the future. The backgrounds, work and achievements of the people at Carabiner also inspired me.

I have very competent team collegues within functional safety and the founders of the company lifts the knowledge even more. I see it as an indispensable place for my career.

What is the most fun in the assignment you do?
That is really exciting to be working on the huge trucks and be part of the development of the systems, as my former assignments has been within passenger cars.

The most fun part will be at the sales start of the truck and when I can see the software and systems I developed live! 🙂