Sweden’s first female civil engineer Vera Sandberg graduated from Chalmers University of Technology in 1917, she was the only woman amongst 500 men. Since then it has been a steady increase in the proportion of women taking a Master’s degree in engineering.

Today there are 35 per cent women and 65 per cent men among the graduates. The total number of Master’s graduates has also increased over time and women make up a larger share of the increase than men. Even if the statistics shows positive results, we can always do more. Being role models and showing girls that engineering is great fun!

At Carabiner we know that our differences are our strengths. Gender equality brings positive effects to results, excellence and team spirit. As a company, inclusion is one of our cornerstones and we strive to bring in more women to our team. Are you a women engineer, don’t hesitate to contact us. Career@carabiner.se