In the last decades, agile methods had a huge impact on how software is developed. In many cases, this has led to significant benefits, such as quality and speed of software deliveries to customers. The use of software in safety critical systems has in parallel continuously increased to an extent where software failures can impair system safety. Products that include safety critical aspects are therefore faced with a situation in which the development of safety-critical parts can significantly limit the potential speed-up through agile methods.

But for companies that holds the ability to develop safety-critical software in an agile way will generate a competitive advantage. At the same time failure of a safety-critical system, can result in financial loss, damage to the environment, injury to people and in the worst cases loss of lives. This fine balance could be challenging for many companies.

Our functional safety specialists are supporting our customers on what actions, tasks and methods to use for high-quality and safe automotive agile software development. Today we hold our Agile safety critical software development course and the interest was instant, the class was full in no time. We are happy to see the large interest! Do you want to know more about how to implement an agile safety critical software development process as well? Don’t hesitate to contact us!